Male Yeast Infection Testicles

male yeast infection testicles

Yeast Infection Symptoms in Men – Diagnosis and Treatment

It is a myth that yeast infections are common only in women. Men are not spared and cases of infection in men are on the rise in recent years. Yeast infection occurs as a result of excessive growth of Candida Ablicans in the intestines and in the food tract.

Although, candidasias or the excessive growth of Candida in men can manifest as yeast infection in the form of rashes in the skin, oral thrust, Toe nail fungus, etc. the more common and most disturbing of all is the genital or penile yeast infection. It occurs in the genial region in and around the penis and the testicular region. It also spreads to the upper region of thighs and butt cheeks where the skins meet. If left untreated for long periods of time, the mild sores and itches can turn into a chronic yeast infection.

What are the Symptoms of Yeast Infection?
Some of the common symptoms are as follows:

o Itching, burning and redness of the penis, especially the penis head
o Presence of white patches of skin in the penis and testicles
o Tiny red or white bumps in the penis head under the foreskin
o Excessive skin peeling and flaking especially around the testicles
o Presence of a distinct odor
o Pain during urination or while having sex

What Causes Yeast Infection in Men?

The most common means of transmission of penile or genital yeast infection is by means of unprotected sex. If a woman has vaginal yeast infection, she might as well easily pass it on to her partner.

Diabetic men and men with low immunity are especially susceptible to yeast infections. Excessive use of antibiotics is also known to be a cause for Candida. People undergoing radiation therapy to treat cancers or those infected by HIV who tend to have weakened immune systems are especially susceptible to yeast infections.

Diagnosis and Treatment:

Once the symptoms are found, penile yeast infections can be treated much the similar way the vaginal yeast infections are treated. Doctors usually prescribe a topical cream available at the local drug store to be applied on the affected region. This method can be effective but only to a certain extent.

The problem with yeast infection is that it keeps recurring if the treatment is not addressed at the actual cause (i.e. Over growth of Candida yeast) and the yeast keeps getting resistant to the drug that is taken. Hence, the drugs prescribed by the doctors become ineffective over a period of time and it would warrant higher dosage at each stage.

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